Content Creator

Lowongan kerja dan gaji Content Creator.

Requirements:- Candidates between 22 and 25 years of age.- Possession of a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (D3/S1) in Film, Art, or Communication.- Minimum of 2 year of prior experience as a content support.- Willing to work Monday to Friday in the office- Proficiency in utilizing software tools such as Microsoft Office, Video Ai, Canva, PowerPoint, and Capcut.- Demonstrated creativity and attention to detail.Responsibilities:- Coordination and report generation Digital Marketing Manager for social media planning.- Coordination with production teams, promotional teams, social media teams, and talent/speakers.- Design of thumbnails, editing of TikTok/Reels content, scriptwriting, creation of clickbait titles, and crafting engaging captions.- Market research for social media content preferences.- Development of social media content planning for TikTok, Youtube, and Twitter, supervised by the producer.- Generation of new ideas or concepts for social media.- Management and operation of internal social media platforms.- Shooting coverage for broadcast and social media needs.- Participation in program shootings to create TikTok and other social media content.- Editing on mobile devices and creating stories for social media needs.

Loker Content Creator.