Informasi PT. Ecotekno Anugerah Karya

Informasi profil perusahaan dan lowongan kerja PT. Ecotekno Anugerah Karya. CONAKA General Contractor is a full-service general contractor providing design and build services for our clients. We commit to build our clients’ vision by providing excellent quality and services that exceeds your expectations. We also engaged with reliable partners and subcontractors who will give valuable insights and services. Our experts and engineers who have more than 20 years experience have built a good record of integrity, expertise and customer satisfaction in Indonesia construction industry. BUILDING TRUSTIN EVERY PROJECT WE MAKE We believe that trust is the key aspect in building contractor and clients’ relationship. Therefore, we provide professional service to give our clients’ an optimum output of building construction quality. Our commitment to this is proven by the fact that most of our customers are returning customers from the previous projects.

Klik link dibawah ini untuk melihat lowongan kerja yang ditawarkan oleh PT. Ecotekno Anugerah Karya.

PT. Ecotekno Anugerah Karya

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