Informasi PT. Grahacipta Hadiprana

Informasi profil perusahaan dan lowongan kerja PT. Grahacipta Hadiprana. Unique means being different, being distinct and being individual. Achieve distinctiveness from (different) owner’s wants and needs; capture differences from one concept to another; and portray individualities through memorable designworks… Hadiprana’s Uniqueness, based on thinking and understanding the project’s specific characters has proven to give SOUL to each works, and creates UNFORGETTABLE ‘WOW’ FACTOR in every projects. Eclectic means the flexibility of style. A courage of mixing-matching variety (heterogeneity, multifariousness, diversification) into a new form of diffusion. A mix of Composition & Proportion, or a match of Modern Western with Classic Eastern, Hadiprana’s eclecticism continues to forms new innovation and creates unlimited spectrums of design shapes. Contemporer means relentless dynamic existence. Having generation change not only upgrade technique and hardskills, but the dynamicsm of style elaboration as well. Through times, Hadiprana has proven as the benchmark of the industry for its nonstop trend creation, beside details of excellence quality. Only through strong & original Concept, Hadiprana believes that any design works can be a true masterpiece. Unique, Eclectic & Contemporer means Finding The Soul of Each Project and Exposing Original Concept (based on The Nature and Individual Distinctiveness) by Offering Unlimited Suitable Solutions within the project requirement. As The Most well-known name in hospitality area/ field, Hadiprana always strive in its craftsmanship in every single steps, for any single creation (from retail to corporation, from hospitality business to banking category). Hadiprana’s Style of Craftsmanships translate, connect and portray the Uniqueness, Eclectic & Contemporer characters. In Any of our works, it has to have craftsmanship involved, not machinery, not just a product… The involvement between people, with their hearts and their Integrity is very much explain the Touch of Hadiprana.” FM Professionally, Hadiprana is organized & committed by proven system, yet at the same time, involving “sense of personal touch” into each of its creation by providing aspects of Composition, Proportion and Harmony. A Definitive Specialist, Hospitality area is Hadiprana at its best!

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PT. Grahacipta Hadiprana

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