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Informasi profil perusahaan dan lowongan kerja PT Mulford Indonesia. PT Mulford Indonesia For over 60 years Mulford Plastics has been a major distributor of Plastic Sheet, Rod, Tube & Film for Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Our quality extends beyond customer services – in fact it is the corner stone of the business. That’s why we insist, wherever possible, that our suppliers are quality assured and supply only the highest quality products, allowing us to offer you the most versatile range of products no matter what your material requirement or environment. Here in Indonesia, Mulford Plastics has played it’s business since 2004 and joined in IMPACK PRATAMA Group, one of the biggest Plastic company in Asia Pacific, since 2010. Which all of these things lead us become one of the largest Distribution company specialized in plastic roofing products. With our range of products start from Polycarbonate roofing, PVC roofing, PP roofing, Fiber roofing, and all of its supporting products. And also one of our latest product : Aluminum Composite Panel. Mulford Plastic Indonesia has more than 12 supporting branches in big cities across nations wide, to strengthen our goals, delivering solution to our customers. Mulford Plastics are continuing to source and work with manufactures to develop new products, so if we do not have the product you require please do not hesitate to contact us to source it to you.

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PT Mulford Indonesia

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