Informasi PT. SECOM Indonesia

Informasi profil perusahaan dan lowongan kerja PT. SECOM Indonesia. Since its establishment in 1962, SECOM (stands for SEcurity COMmunication),
A pioneer in Japan’s security services industry, has been providing comprehensive,
integrated security services and systems that make your life more secure,convenient, and comfortable. SECOM Indonesia has been providing “Peace of Mind” to Indonesian Society
since its establishment in 1994 through various quality services and integrated systems. We truly believe that “Man-Machine” concept is our advantage and this concept provides
the best combination for security services with professional / well-trained human personnel
and sophisticated / reliable machine systems. We have committed ourselves to provide our customers security that comforts and peace of mind through various services such as Intruder Alarm System with Monitoring and Response, Facilities Monitoring, Security Management, Fire Safety Management, Armored Car, and Internal Audit. Based on “man and machine” system concept, PT. SECOM INDONESIA completed the joint venture with Yayasan Brata Bhakti on 2001 to established PT. SECOM Bhayangkara and provides Security Guard Training and Supply. As our commitment, we are building a Training Center in Ciawi, Bogor providing professional and well-trained security guard based on Police Standard. SECOM always strive to provide the most effective and reliable security system that suits our customers’ needs through our security solutions.

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PT. SECOM Indonesia

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