Informasi PT. Sehat Bakery Rindo

Informasi profil perusahaan dan lowongan kerja PT. Sehat Bakery Rindo. PT. Sehat Bakery Rindo is a food manufacturing company that specialises in bakery and its complimentary products. Established since 2004, we have been and will continue striving to give the best possible return for our customers. MISSION STATEMENT
PT. Sehat Bakery Rindo is made up of committed, positive and responsible people who strive for successes. We will work within our company culture to make sure that each customer is satisfied by our fine-quality products and thus willing to consume them again. We will be alert to any changes in our environment so that we may act than react to any possible threats or opportunity. Our products and services will be of the highest value for money and, whether sourced from within the company or externally, will always have the best return for our customers. CULTURE
1. Commitment
2. Success
3. Integrity
4. Systems
5. Consistency
6. Communication
7. Team work
8. Gratitude

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PT. Sehat Bakery Rindo

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