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Informasi profil perusahaan dan lowongan kerja PT Tekno Logika Utama. PT Tekno Logika Utama is a company focused on helping education institutions to embrace and adopt technology. Our staff are made up of a group of young and passionate people. We have either been in the education sector (teacher, instructors) or been supporting the education sector for many years. Combined, we have about nearly 30 years of working for and supporting the education sector. We have 3 main area of focus : Engineering Design, Media Design, e-Campus Infrastructure. OUR PHILOSOPHY
It is undisputable that technology has brought about many benefits to society and to individual companies. It has greatly increased efficiency and effectiveness. It has also enhanced communications between people; shrinking distance and the world into a Global Village. But at the same time, technology can be daunting. Its rapid obsolescence and ever-growing complexity can make the adoption of technology an intimidating process. We believe we can help institutions to make technology adoption a more successful and less-painful affair.

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PT Tekno Logika Utama

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