Informasi profil perusahaan dan lowongan kerja PT. TRIMITRA WISESA ABADI. PT.Trimitra Wisesa Abadi was started in 1992 as a steam boiler workshop and we grew steadily since then. In 2000 we expanded our business to four main divisions, which are Boiler Division, Burner Division, Spare Parts Division, and Valves & Instruments Division. We provide technical services and components for all kind of boiler machines. We have focus to bridge over the supported components for various kind of industries, mainly steam boilers. Our vision is to be “one stop shopping for boiler and burner parts”, by implementing the vision, we made global approach to provide quality brands which support industries activities. Located at the center of the biggest technical equipment marketplace in South East Asia has made us understand our position to accommodate service, maintenance, modify and recondition all kind of steam boilers for all kind of industries. With such a wide network access, we have confidence to provide services and products for various kind of industries. By combining service and selling spare parts are always be our objective as added value for industries by providing convinient and comfort of service for the future. Solution that strive for quality has always be our concern, realizing that vitality of industries lays in products that has reputation and acknowledgment from international standards.

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