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Informasi profil perusahaan dan lowongan kerja PT. Voltras International. VOLTRAS Group was established by four people who have passion in technology innovation. Our company formed as a result of an extensive discussion starting at the end of 2006 after earning international experience combined with deep investigation and study about domestic and regional market. VOLTRAS Group is passionately building application software in hospitality, energy and transportation industry. We are a growing and non-bureaucratic organization developed by creating ideas to actual implementations. Our team consists of young people with strong educational background who have passion in technology Member of Voltras Group are : Voltras International As a holding group, VOLTRAS International will diversify its business to several fields through research and development in each targeted category based on internal capabilities. We want to be a leading group of corporation emphasizing in sustaining business development through technology innovation. Voltras Travel VOLTRAS Travel (subsidiary of VOLTRAS International) exists to take part in travel agent industry in the middle of 2008 with a new concept which is utilizing the appropriate technology. VOLTRAS Travel is experienced in service industry whether it is to a travel agent for individual or corporate. Voltras Xpress Nusantara For 10 year moving in travel agent business, Voltras Group had 17.000 member in all over Indonesia, and now expanding its business in shipment delivery field. Voltras Xpress Nusantara (subsidiary of VOLTRAS International) is a courier company that provides domestic delivery for document and package supported by operational network throughout in Indonesia. VXN opens a chance for anyone who wants to start courier business as easy as creating account in social media.

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PT. Voltras International

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